"It is health that is the real wealth." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Private Yoga Sessions

Therapeutic Yoga

Meditation Sessions

Thai Yoga Massage

Fertility, Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

Trainings & Continuing Education (CEU's through Yoga Alliance)


Group Classes

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There are many different styles of yoga and knowing what method is best for you is important. I offer several different options that range from advanced vinyasa flow to therapeutic yoga. Whether you are looking to build strength, recover from an injury or work with a current medical condition, private sessions can help you achieve your goals. 


Private yoga session

Our initial session will include an intake form, medical history, evaluation and structure of current goals. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Benefits include:

  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves sleep and increases energy
  • Boosts memory and cognitive function
  • Increases muscle strength and flexibility
  • Protects the spine and helps with back pain
  • Enhances immunity and drains lymphatic system


therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a specific kind of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and other therapy modalities to work with specific issues and aliments. This type of holistic practice integrates a mind, body and soul connection. This is a personalized guide to better health and wellness. 


  • Back and muscle pain
  • Rheumatic Diseases
  • Chronic Illness 
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Cancer
  • Digestive Issues
  • Depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • Eating Disorders
  • Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Stress 


fertility, pre & Post natal yoga

This type of yoga is designed to help you through every step of your baby process. Whether you are working with infertility issues or looking to get back your body post baby there is a plan we can design for you. Each trimester is carefully tailored to suit you and your baby's needs and partner prenatal yoga is also an option.

Benefits include:

  • Your body is more supported and ready for the changes
  • Better prepared for labor and delivery
  • Stronger connection to your body and baby
  • Easier chance of getting pregnant and healthier pregnancy
  • Less pregnancy related symptoms


thai yoga massage

This ancient healing system incorporates yogic postures with massage. You will be assisted in many stretches while the body's energy lines and pressure points are stimulated. Sessions range from 1 - 2 hours long. Comfortable, loose clothing is optimal.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces stress and calms the body
  • Increases energy
  • Relieves pain and muscle tension
  • Improves range of motion
  • Releases lactic acid and toxins
  • Tones internal organs



Whether you are brand new to meditation or looking to dive deeper in your meditation practice, these guided meditation sessions will meet you where you are at. Mindfulness Meditation is a practice of paying attention on purpose in the present moment without judgement or attachment. There are formal and informal ways to practice mindfulness and together you can decide which path is best for you. 

Benefits include:

  • Higher brain functioning
  • Lower levels of anxiety
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increased awareness and attention
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases resiliency
  • Improves mental clarity, concentration and focus
  • Slows the aging process


The United States alone spends an estimated $300 billion due to stress related health care costs are estimatmeditation Corporate yoga and mindfulness meditation sessions, trainings and workshops. Each one is specifically designed to fit the needs of your company and its employees. Past trainings include following topics.

  • Stress Management & Wellness
  • Benefits of Mindfulness and What the Research Shows
  • Mindful Medicine
  • Your Brain on Mindfulness
  • Yoga to Destress
  • Caring for Caregivers
  • Increased Productivity
  • Stress Reduction Techniques & Tools
  • Chair Yoga
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Social and Emotional learning for Educators

Trainings &     Continuing Education

Yoga Teacher Training

If you are looking for a teacher for a 200-hour or 300-hour yoga teacher training please contact me. 

Meditation Teacher Training

200-hour Meditation Teacher training offered at V12 Yoga Fall of 2018.

Yoga Continuing Education Courses

Receive continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. Courses include yoga, therapeutic yoga, and meditation. These are taught at various studios. Check events for more details.

Virtual Sessions

Don't live in the area or looking to save time on a commute? Not a problem. Work with me virtually. We can do yoga and meditations via Skype, FaceTime or Phone. Session length varies on preference and availability.


& More

Wellness Expos – Perfect fit for companies or conventions looking for a health care enthusiast. Booth options include: yoga, therapeutic yoga, meditation and more. 

Festivals – Teacher or speaker for your next festival. 

Retreats – Check the events tab for upcoming retreats and contact me directly if you would like to collaborate on one.