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The Salty Retreat

  • Hotel El Cid 526 South Camino Real Palm Springs, CA, 92264 United States (map)


We're not drinking or using whatever vice we've used to cope with life anymore. We're no longer acting out. Whether that's food or drugs or booze or ciggs or work or whatever. It's hard. We deserve to be happy. That starts here. The Salty Retreat has one mission: to prove to women that they can experience authentic joy without (insert drug or behavior of choice, here). It's that simple. Recovery is tough. An emotional roller coaster. We'll laugh, we'll play, we'll move, we'll sing, we'll share, we'll meditate, we'll nourish ourselves, we'll relax, we'll swim, we'll connect, we may even cry. The Salty Retreat is all about holistic healing: mind, body, soul. Our philosophy is to prove that we can experience authentic joy while trying to recover from unhealthy* tendencies and behaviors (and only you can define what's unhealthy to you). We do that with a healthy diet, moving our bodies, practicing mindfulness & meditation and laughing & connecting with our people. The only requirements are that you are currently sober from your vice, you're older than 21 and you have a vagina. Just show up and we promise you'll have a good time. You dear one, deserve deserve to connect with like-minds and have fun. We're in this together. After all, we are the lucky ones.

Dates for 2018: 3 nights total
Friday, October 26-Monday, October 29th.
Accepting reservations now!



Choose between your own bungalow or a shared bungalow, each with your own space. King rooms have their own bathroom, queen rooms and daybeds will share a bathroom with each other.



Morning Meditation & Yoga - Morning meditation and yoga before breakfast. Because we kinda can't not. We'll provide a yoga mat.

Laughter Therapy - Proven to help boost mood and aids in physical health. Oh, you just wait.

Fitness & Movement - Nature walk or hike offered daily after breakfast. Let's get this party started.

Massages - Massages available to schedule for an additional cost after lunch.

Sharing Circles - Connecting with like-minded women in a safe environment. No vulnerability hangovers here. Sharing is encouraged but completely optional. Confidential.

Acoustic Guitar - Special guest, Kevin Paris, to join us at the fire pit Saturday night. Music heals the soul. Plus singing opens up your throat chakra. Yea I said it.

Later Event: November 3
Book Club