Chelsey Charbeneau discovered her life purpose—helping people become happier and healthier—through her own wellness journey which began in Los Angeles over 16 years ago.  She was your typical A type personality climbing the corporate ladder and working for a financial investment firm. As time went on, the effects of stress and neglect left her with a laundry list of diseases and ailments. She began to practice yoga and meditation which led her to experience the extensive therapeutic benefits on her mind, body and spirit.

Chelsey is a certified yoga therapist with The International Association of Yoga Therapists and an experienced registered yoga teacher and continuing education provider with the national Yoga Alliance. She is also certified in Thai yoga massage therapy, Mindful-Self Compassion and trained in prenatal yoga. For over six years she shared her expertise at a physical rehabilitation center in Beverly Hills and went on to collaborate with doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Methodist Hospital, Medical City, and The Brain Performance Institute. She has helped to treat and manage many medical conditions and ailments such as chronic back and neck pain, headaches, heart conditions, anxiety, stress, rheumatoid issues, auto immune diseases, PTSD and more.

After many years in the medical industry she realized the need for meditation on a mainstream level. In 2014 she opened Just B, a meditation studio in Santa Monica, California and in 2016, she moved to Dallas and helped open a mindfulness meditation studio where she served as their Chief Mindfulness Officer. Chelsey has created and implemented meditation curriculum for Dallas Independent School District, Adaptive Training Foundation, Unique Footprints among many others. She has also launched the first 200-hour meditation teacher training in this region and continues her meditation studies with renowned experts such as Pema Chodron, Dr. Kristin Neff and attending Vipassana retreats as taught by S.N. Goenka. Her hard work and dedicated outreach in the community has been recognized and rewarded by lululemon where she now serves as an Ambassador. 

Chelsey's expertise has garnered her a web series with Marta Kauffman and appearances on FOX, NBC, WFAA, and Eye Opener Television. Her work has been circulated globally and she continues to lead teacher trainings, workshops, classes and seminars nationwide. Chelsey's teachings have impacted the lives of children, seniors, homeless, celebrities, trauma victims, veterans and everyone in-between. With a deep commitment to health and well-being, her goal is always to provide an experience that is nurturing, personal, and safe.





Thank you to all of the magical and inspirational teachers who have touched my soul along the way. Pema Chodron, Annie Carpenter, Kathryn Budig, Saul David Raye, Nischala Joy Devi, Jasmine Lieb, Kia Miller, Sonya Cottle, Max Strom, Vinnie Moreno, Claire Hartley, Michele Lawrence, Amy Weintraub, Durga, Neil Pearson and all the rest. 

Teacher Trainings





Continuing Education










Somatic trauma training -Dana Point, CA

Mindful Self compassion training - big Sur, CA

Inner peace yoga therapy training - tucson, AZ


Ritam school of healing arts Thai Yoga -Joshua Tree

Yoga works prenatal teacher training parts 1 & 2

Ashtanga yoga teacher training - bali, indonesia


Sound Healing mentorship

10-day silent vipassana meditation retreat

death & the fear of dying with Pema chodron 

Winter Mentorship Program Yoga For Cancer – 35CE

Summer Mentorship Program Functional Yoga Therapy– 35CE

Mindfulness based stress Reduction 8Hr Course

Intuitive healing 30hr

yoga for scoliosis with elise browning miller 20Hr


Chakra Workshop with Paula Weithman

Rope wall immersion


PAIN FREE WITH NUTRITION with charleene o'Connor


Teaching prenatal yoga with Wendy obstler

KNOWING THE SUBTLE BODY with Jeanne Heileman

HEART CORE BODY WITH with max strom

HOW WELL DO YOU SLEEP with max strom

ARM BALANCING with kathryn budig

Thank You


"There is no higher form of finding fitness, health and peace than working with Chelsey Charbeneau. Her talent lies in knowing just how our physical beings work in unison with intellectual, emotional and spiritual beings. As my body gained more range of motion, strength and flexibility through working with Chelsey, many meaningful avenues opened up in my life on every level. Chelsey provides a foundation from which to enhance and build the life you envision." - Diane L.

"I had the privilege of randomly meeting Chelsey at my local coffee store during a time of physical crises. My back had gone out and I was barely able to stand erect. Through a mutual acquaintance we introduced ourselves. Chelsey asked many questions about my injury and indicated that she might be able to help me through her expertise in Yoga Therapy. I wanted to practice yoga and to have an expert teacher who would be able to help with my back pain. She was beyond my expectations. I was SOLD!!! Over the next two years Chelsey taught me more that I could have ever hoped for. She taught me exercises to strengthen my back and poses beyond my expectations. She also brought meditation in my life and best of all he shared her gifts of warmth, generosity, gratitude and general caring. Each session was tailored to how I was feeling in my mind, my body and my energy level. her acceptance of where I was each day she was with me allowed me to grow into my practice without hesitation or fear. It was a practice of unconditional acceptance and confidence. Chelsey has made her indelible mark on my life; how i life it and how I see it. I am so grateful." - Shelley R.

"I met Chelsey when taking her prenatal yoga class and instantly upon meeting her I felt so much more relaxed. She has an amazing way of making you feel so comfortable in your skin and gives you the confidence and freedom to be who you are and practice at whatever level you are. I hadn't done yoga in many years and she inspired me to get back into it. Her genuine warmth, encouragement and acceptance are such a breath of fresh air. She is beautiful inside and out." - Alexandra S.

"Chelsey has transformed my mind and body since working with her. I always describe her to people as a personal trainer/yoga instructor because she mixes in certain movements with breathing/yoga moves that kicks my butt every time. She also knows rehabilitation in the way that she can adjust parts of the body to still get the same results without taxing weaker areas. She knows when to stretch you and when there is a point in which your body cannot go any further. I never have to tell her, she just knows. I have referred many of my patients to her because she is truly excellent." - Cheri P.

"When I started working with Chelsey I was an aging 49 year old. Now two years later I am 40 and getting younger every day. It's one thing to memorize the yoga positions, but it's an entirely other thing to understand the connection, reactions and benefits that each subtle and sometimes not so subtle movement has. You can work out or you can worth from the inside out. Chelsey is a personal trainer and life coach that understands the difference. She has enriched my life and possibly extended it as well." - Ted T.



"I want to live the most vividly decorated temporary life that I can. I don't just mean physically; I mean emotionally spiritually and intellectually." - Elizabeth Gilbert



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